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STORM BASEBALL has a long history of success in North Aurora and the surrounding area.
Long before there was specific travel programs North Aurora baseball was putting competitive teams together and traveling to other cities to play baseball. The history of North Aurora travel baseball goes back to the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Due to the size of North Aurora at that time teams would play in the Cornbelt league which consisted of several smaller cities. North Aurora would put teams together and they would travel throughout Kane and Kendall County playing the top teams in other cities.
As travel evolved North Aurora would always produce strong competitive teams but stay close to their motto of athletes first and winning second. North Aurora Baseball would always field competitive teams and always hosted several tournaments for all different levels.
In the mid 2000’s full time travel teams began to be the normal. North Aurora would again field teams to compete at these levels. At this time the manager of the specific age group would name the team such as North Aurora Hawks, North Aurora Red Hawks, and North Aurora Storm. During this time North Aurora helped form competitive travel leagues, donated their fields for events, and was a leader in the evolution in travel baseball in the area.
It was decided in 2012 to put all travel teams in North Aurora under one name STORM BASEBALL. Every dollar collected is reinvested back into the team that raised it. There is no “pyramid scheme” or promise of trips 3 years later. Teams and the program zero out every year so that the people who raised the money get to reap the rewards that current year. There is always a travel director and the managers are voted in by the baseball board. Unlike the travel programs that rise from conflict and then fold when the specific players age out; STORM BASEBALL has been a constant for 30+ years and will continue to be.
STORM BASEBALL has very specific goals and they have never changed:
  1. Winning can never be more important than the well-being of the athlete
  2. To provide the best program and the least expensive overhead for families
  3. To get a group of players, families, and coaches together to achieve a common goal